Our family would like to announce the arrival of a new label called, Ca'Nani. Ca'Nani translates from Italian meaning "House of the Dwarves". Ca'Nani comes from a Venetian fairy tale from the Grimm brothers in the late 1800's. The story was a predecessor of the 1937 classic movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by Walt Disney. We chose this theme for our new label because dwarves are jovial and light hearted, and perhaps magical. We wanted to have a little fun with this label because so many people have such a serious attitude about wine. As you know we want all the wines we make to be not only great, but represent the joy and fun of wine as we share with others.

This new product line will highlight wines that are affordable, fun and meant to be everyday drinking wines. In March 2012, we broke ground on the construction and do plan on opening a new winery on Highway 29 near Yountville under the Ca'Nani label. This new winery will prove to be another great place to have a great experience with wines as our other caves have been. We will notify you of the opening in the next couple of years. Until then, Ca'Nani wines will be tasted and sold at our current Cave locations. The first Ca'Nani wine is a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a nose and palate of up front fruit and depending on the barrel a vanilla to coconut oak finish. At its affordable price it's selling quickly to people that want a fun, fresh Cabernet that's not too complicated.

We have launched this brand already from our Del Dotto winery locations. If you are interested in tasting or ordering the wines you can currently do so at our Del Dotto wineries or through our Del Dotto website. We anticipate the opening sometime in late Summer 2014.

Current Releases

2010 Ca'Nani Cabernet Sauvignon
Ca'Nani Port Red Dessert Wines aged 7 years in Barrel


Visit www.deldottovineyards.com to order our current releases.